Writing Contest Prompt: Dinopunk Deathmatch

There are two universally acknowledged truths (okay, there are probably more than two, but none of the others are germane to this prompt):

1. Everything is better when appended with the suffix “-punk”.

Steam is boring. Steampunk is the bees knees. Ditto, diesel, cyber, robo…whatever. This works, because “-punk” implies taking a cool concept beyond what is possible in the real world and making it even more radical.

2. Everything is better with dinosaurs.

Everything. Space ships. Zombies. Baby showers. All you’ve gotta do is chuck a little bit of dino-flavored awesomeness in and you’re on your way to being more metal than a rock-n-roll robot.

So naturally for this contest we’re gonna want you to write us up some dinopunk. What that means exactly is up to you, but this hardly seems like the time to resort to subtlety. If there aren’t zombie dinosaurs fighting in space with lasers you might be doing it wrong (okay you don’t have to do this exactly, but you see where we’re going with this.)

As usual you’ve only got 1,000 words to tell your story, which means you’re going to have to trim off the fat and cut to the core of what your story is about as fast as possible.

You have until June 6th, 2014 to enter. The winner will receive a ten dollar prize and have their story produced as awesome audio fiction for the Human Echoes Podcast. Send your entries in to hepodcast@gmail.com with “Dinopunk Deathmatch!” in the subject-line of your email. We prefer double spaced “.doc” attachments. 

One thought on “Writing Contest Prompt: Dinopunk Deathmatch

  1. Hi. I was wondering when the winner would be announced and also when it would air. I wrote a piece for this and haven’t yet heard back, but I love the prompt. Even if I don’t win, I want to see the results. Thanks for your time.


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