Viewers Choice Month 2016 – A Retrospective

VIEWERS CHOICE MONTH-01By this time tomorrow Viewers Choice Month will be over. Al and I have run a gauntlet of movies ranging from fascinatingly bad to horror classics. We’ve endured films that are less pleasant than a paper cut to the dick as well as some experimental weirdness. We even had a disgusting German movie added to the mix.

This month was downright merciful compared to some of the films we’ve watched. You guys gave us Evil Dead 2! That one is on hundreds of top ten lists and fits right in with the pulpy black hearts of horror fans. On the other side of things, I didn’t have to watch the 70s version of Hairspray. The recent remake nearly killed me last year. And somehow I managed to avoid vomiting during Pitch Perfect 2. I think it’s because the movie would probably be a decent watch on mute and with the lights turned low. Wetlands… well that one might have wiped my brain on a toilet seat a few times, but at least it was a novel experience.

Speaking of experiences, there was Death Bed: The Bed That Eats which was akin to The Holy Mountain in its weirdness. The Holy Mountain has art and scale to go with its milky jaguar boobs, but Death Bed is up there in its strangeness. The chewing sounds will haunt me forever.

The best part of this month is rarely about the films we watch, but about the people who nominate them. It’s a look into the psyche of our friends and listeners and it shows how very well they know us. Some movies are directly targeted at me (musicals, romances, or both). Some put Al in their cross hairs through vulgarity or uncomfortable sexual themes. Either way we both end up getting out of our comfort zones and watching films we might have never experienced.

We want to thank you for a wonderful Viewers Choice Month. We thank you for voting, for nominating, and for getting on the computer of every loved one you know to make your particular picks happen. I love watching the twitter conversations and slates form. The alliances, the trading of ideas and votes. I am constantly amazed at how many great people take the time out of their day to listen and participate at our little corner of the internet. I can’t wait to see what you all pick next year.


Tony Southcotte: Tony hails from the Rocky Mountains somewhere around the state of Colorado. Possibly raised by grizzly bears, this gritty denizen of the arena now spends most of his time grappling with Java updates and dysfunctional RAM. With not much fiction under his belt, it might seem tempting to bet against Mister Southcotte, but an impressive knowledge of everything from PVC pipe to psychedelic drugs makes Tony a storehouse of fiction waiting to hit the paper. Plus, you know, there’s the possibility of him ripping you apart like a grizzly bear.

2 thoughts on “Viewers Choice Month 2016 – A Retrospective

  1. I love you guys. Keep up the great work. You still need to watch troll 2. Next year you will watch the greatest musical ever. GWAR Phallus in wonderland

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