Alright people, take a seat. Or lounge more comfortably than you already are. Most of our audience is American so I’m guessing you were already seated, sinking deeper into that sedentary coma as your heart gleefully puts in as much effort as a 2nd grader doing an art project.


God should probably hit Ctrl + Z.

We’ve got ourself a contest. No, not that contest, but a new one. This is the first entry of a project proposed by the inimitable Joseph Devon. A few days ago he dropped some bloggage onย what you are in for. For those of you interested in playing at home, use your own blog space and post a link in the comments section. If it is up to snuff, we will add it to the official contest.

My challenge for Joseph, and for everyone playing at home is this: write a paranormal western in 3000 words or less.ย 

Some rules:

  1. This can be campy, pulp, literary, serious, bizarre, etc. You aren’t limited this time.
  2. If you name a character “John Wayne” and have people comment on how terrible of a cowboy name it is, you will be disqualified, shamed, and then beaten by The Duke’s ghost.
  3. It must be set in the mountains, not the desert. Think Deadwood. I’m tired of only seeing dusty, dried out cowboys.

You have until March 20th, 2014.

For those participating, this is a contest for us to sharpen our skills and come up with some new and original stories. We will be alternating challenges weekly and will be providing prompts. This isn’t a paid activity, just a bit of practice. You will own the rights to your own stories and do with it what you wish. Good luck!

19 thoughts on “UNTITLED WRITING ARENA 1

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  2. OK goats. So far I’ve got goats. You know, in the mountains. Ever see a goat’s eyes? That’s some paranormal freakiness right there.

    OK back to writing.

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