Pick the winners of the GTA Calendar Photo Shoot

We went out and shot some pictures for our new Calendar, but we need your help picking which ones to use! To vote, just leave a comment with the name of the picture you want to win for each month!


Death by Coffee

Shift Work

The Mist


A Cross Town

Blood. Red.

Heart Attack


Trump Country

2gether 4eva

Green Man, Green Plan

3 thoughts on “Pick the winners of the GTA Calendar Photo Shoot

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  2. “Death by Coffee” needs to have his hipster pants hemmed.
    “Blood Red” needs the special order maxi variety.
    “Trump Country” needs a new name.

    Those are my votes. 🙂

  3. Death by Coffee – mostly cause of the name
    A Cross Town
    Green Man, Green Plan – 2gether 4ever was a very close 2nd on this one

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