No End House Episode 4 “The Exit” Recap | Channel Zero

No End House continues killing it in “The Exit” an episode title that I wasn’t willing to believe in the fourth episode of a series called the NO END House, but in fact came true. There’s something refreshing about a story that gives you exactly what it tells you it’s giving you. There haven’t been many twists in the narrative (save for the revelation that Seth is working for the house, but even that wasn’t as bizarre as some people were theorizing) and it’s nice to see solid psychological horror storytelling that doesn’t involve pulling the rug out from viewers every episode. The herd has been THINNED this episode, and we end up with just Jules and Margot as the only protagonists left. I’m looking forward to finding out how the Father Thing interacts with the real world, and also what Jule’s deal with the egg is. Yet another solid addition to a solid story this week.

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