Meet ED-E – Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road #1 | Joe and Al Play

We’re kicking off the Lonesome Road DLC for Fallout New Vegas! We get a companion right off that bat in this one, and this little eyebot might be my favourite companion since our awesome robot dog. Plus he has a ranged attack. I think I like the robots because they don’t talk. And SPEAKING of talking, the antagonist in this one is some clown called Ulysses, and much like most of the characters in these DLC’s this guy will NOT shut up. Seriously these people talk so much that by the time they’re finished I forget what they were saying. And it’s not like he has that much to SAY. He just has to let you know how cool he can sound saying it. Which, I mean yeah, they got someone with a cool voice to do the part, but if he could cut to the chase a little quicker would it KILL him? “I know you from before you lost your memory. Come talk to me but also there’s a bunch of guys gonna try to kill you.” See? You can convey this information in less than FIVE MINUTES.

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