Let’s Play a Game

A few of us on Twitter have been kicking around the idea of a reality competition for writers. Sort of like Top Chef or America’s Next Top Model or what have you. Whenever this idea pops up it always sounds like fun and there’s usually a lot of chatter following it.

The thing is, nobody really has any idea how it would work. How do you make the act of writing into a spectator’s sport? What sort of challenges would the writers face? Who would judge? Is this a plausible idea or a complete flight of fancy?

Well, I’ve always believed that the best way to learn something is just to dive in and start doing it. I mean, assuming you have no idea where to start…probably shouldn’t teach swimming in this manner.

So with that in mind Tony Southecotte and myself, Joseph Devon, have decided to kick off a series of challenges here at the Human Echoes website. Every week one of us will issue a writing challenge and the other poor bastard will have to complete it. The going will be tough, the pressure insane, and the outcome most likely unexpected.

But Tony and I are game and we’re hoping to flesh out some ideas for a larger competition by subjecting ourselves to this deadline torture.

I can’t stress enough how on-the-fly this decision was, this project doesn’t even have a name at the moment, but stay tuned to the site as things will kick off next week.

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