Legion Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Review “Chapter 12” FX Marvel TV Breakdown

This week on Legion the show takes a break to explore Sydney’s past as David stumbles through her maze trying to understand the woman he loves. It’s interesting to see David so clueless about this woman. It’s an indictment of his character in a way, but also the show itself for exploring so little of her backstory up until now. I had forgotten Syd mentioned the incident with her mom’s boyfriend before so seeing it play out on the screen came out of nowhere for me, and it really felt uncomfortable to watch. I wasn’t sure who I should feel the worst for. Of course at the end we get the return of Lenny and I have no idea how that works, but if you think about it Syd’s power sets up the potential for bodies to be moved and created from action in the mental space so maybe that’s not so far fetched in this universe. Regardless I’m pumped to see what Lenny will get up to now that she’s back.

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