Legion Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Review “Chapter 11” Marvel FX TV

Legion is back with more mind bending wonderful weirdness! This week we get an overview of the nocebo effect and the contagious nature of mental defects. Now that David and Farouk are working together we have a new opponent to deal with, the Mi Go Monk from the end of the previous episode. He’s plays a definite Pied Piper role in this episode, which serves as a reminder that Division 3 is literally employing child soldiers, something that none of the “good” guys seem to have much of a problem with. Adding to the moral muddy waters, Farouk tries to convince David he’s not the evil bogey man he’s made out to be, and the Mi Go Monk justifies his infecting of people with the chattering teeth disorder. The other interesting thing we got to see was the inside of the mazes which turn out to represent different character’s core fantasies. I assume if we get to see inside Carrie’s maze it’ll be nothing but fights with robot ninjas.
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