Krypton Episode 1 Review and Recap | Season 1 Pilot Syfy TV

SUPERMAN! Guys, this Krypton show is about Superman! They’re trying to hide it but if you follow the hidden clues the show runners have left in their secret AR campaign which you can reach by following a link on the Mary Kay website it’s a clear as DAY.

Okay, so we’re being a little silly, but outside of the “hit you over the head with the Superman connection” stuff, this first episode is pretty good. We’ve seen distopian scifi before, but this is done pretty well, and the characters seem pretty compelling.

One thing I wonder about is the fact that they’ve shoehorned time travel into this show to make it link up with the Superman we all know (does that mean Krypton is taking place in the 1800’s?) they don’t seem to be actually doing anything interesting with the Time Travel element yet. Obviously there’s a lot of show left to see, so maybe we’ll get more of Adam Strange’s strangeness, but it’d be a shame if they just leave the existence of MULTIPLE time travelers as just a gimmick.

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