Kerbal Space Program: Space Station Contract, Docking in Orbit, Launch Pad Mining, KSP 1.3 Gameplay

We’ve played Kerbal Space Program for a while now, and we’ve always talked about building a space station in orbit of Kerbal, so when we got a contract to do that exact thing we were very excited to try our hand at it. Unfortunately the initial requirements of the contract could fit pretty easily on a single stage with no need for docking. So once our space station was in orbit we went off book and mined some ore from a place we were pretty sure wasn’t using it for anything anyway and took it up to our new space station. That’s where the real trouble began. See, to dock, you have to know a little of what you’re doing with RCS and Albert REALLY doesn’t. On top of that docking itself is a real booger to pull off. But eventually we did it! Yeah us!

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