Kerbal Space Program Gameplay: The Rescue Rocket Car Goes to Ike

KSP let’s you build rovers and rockets, but what about a vehicle that’s both at the SAME TIME!? That’s what we built last week, in hopes of landing it on Ike and rescuing our man that was stranded there. Our test flight out it in the Mun was a success, so all we had to do this week was get the rocket car back, rebuild it to go to Ike, fly it to Ike, and then land it close to our crashed ship on Ike. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? ¬†There’s not a LOT interesting to say about this one. The most interesting thing for me was the fact that the reaction wheel was strong enough to hold the rocket off center while reentering Kerbin’s atmosphere. I fully expected to lose our man on the outside, but somehow we managed to get him home. Going to Ike was a matter of basic orbital mechanics, although we did learn that even if it SAYS your ascending node is zero, you can still enter Duna’s influence at a really wonky angle. The way we counteracted that was to center our view on Duna when we had an intercept but were still very far away and then burned slightly normal or anti-normal until the intersect line ¬†was perfectly in the plane of Duna’s orbit. There may be a better way to do this, but we haven’t learned it yet.

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