Joe and Al Play Fallout New Vegas #14: Go to Heck

In Fallout New Vegas you have to choose which factions you’re going to save from the robot uprising you can kick off. One of the factions is the White Glove Society. The White Glove Society are a group of former tribesmen who came into money somehow and now try to do everything they can to disown their former barbarism. They’re the wasteland’s equivalent of new money, and they’re ANNOYING.
Like, they’re rich, but they don’t understand how that works. They’re worried that since beef is a luxury food that if they import more of it and the price goes down, they won’t be able to have luxury food anymore. But luxury is luxury BECAUSE it’s expensive. You can go down to Popeyes and buy some FANTASTIC chicken that doesn’t cost very much money, but that doesn’t stop luxury restaurants from existing or even from selling chicken dishes. Once upon a time Jello was a luxury item because you needed refrigeration to keep it, and not many people had access to that, but once refrigeration became more widespread rich people hoard Jello supplies, they just moved on to other foods that were even MORE difficult to prepare for whatever reason. It’s the same reason why college for all is a dumb idea. Most of the information in the world is essentially free today, so college is mostly about prestige and status. It’s valuable because it’s NOT something everyone can do. If everyone CAN do college it becomes a much less meaningful indicator of how “elite” a potential employee is and will be largely rejected by employers in terms of other measures. I don’t know what those measures are, but I do know that rich people will be able to access them more often than poor people.
Thank you for reading my essay entitled, Why Being Rich is Better than Being Poor and Also Why The White Glove Society is Stupid.

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