HEP – 112 – Candy Corn and Railguns

In this episode, the guys marvel at the unexpected genius of one of the best horror movies they’ve reviewed so far, Candyman. Then they fall down a rabbit hole of weirdness while researching author Thomas A. Mays, and Albert pitches the movie he’s never going to make because he’s a big fat coward.

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9 thoughts on “HEP – 112 – Candy Corn and Railguns

      • You’re welcome, Tony. I keep assuming I’ll get an email notification (or see it in my G+ stream) when you guys post an episode, but then I remember there’s no email subscription option. This has happened with other podcasts as well. :\

        And yes, I’ve been trying to come up with a way I can help make this movie happen… it seems right up my alley. Or right up my corn row…

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