5 thoughts on “HEP – 116 – Bagger 288 vs Aliens

  1. Thank you so much, guys for the review and plug. Glad you enjoyed it, character decision warts and all. And there is a sequel planned, LANCERS INTO THE LIGHT, currently only at the outlining stage as I work on my young adult project. Also, if you’re looking for cool mobile games in the vein of Myst & Uru, then try out The Room and it’s sequel. Tons of puzzley fun.

    • Sounds great. Thanks Thomas, for listening and for the book. I felt we made it a bit short this week, but I had to cut a section of spoilers out. I’ll make sure all of my sci fi friends know to check your work out though.

      Also, did you have to cringe when we were talking about railguns and such? We barely knew what we were talking about.

      • I didn’t cringe TOO badly. 🙂 Railguns and coilguns vs railguns vs missile mass drivers, etc. is a whole complex series of problems and folks tend to conflate them. Coilguns are more complicated, bigger, but have greater versatility, finesse, and service life. Railguns are high power, compact, “simple”, and messy/wasteful. Realistically, you see railguns as direct fire weapons and coilguns (which use electromagnets) as launch devices, mass drivers, etc. Each one has separate advantages and faults. Looking forward to chatting about all and sundry (the book, space / weapon tech, why Al is wrong about Interstellar and ASID, heh, heh….)

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