HEP – 32 – It’s Pronounced "Devon"

The week Tony and Al yak a spell with Joseph Devon, the amazing author behind the amazing books, Probability Angels and Persistent Illusions. The guys talk about writing, stories, and weird animals. Tony is snowed in. Albert buys a mini van.

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Or the sequel!
Dr. Mcninja April Fool’s Strip
The Wire
Jon Benjamin Has a Van
Miracle Jones
Bill Oberst Jr.
The Something Store
Double Slit Experiment
The Mantis Shrimp
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3 thoughts on “HEP – 32 – It’s Pronounced "Devon"

  1. I was a 10-month baby, and the longest in the nursery. 🙂

    I’ll answer your question, Al. A few reasons some people choose no children, biological, adopted, or otherwise: no time, no money, no interest. Bonus reason: some people choose to influence the world solely through themselves instead of through others. 🙂

    Enlightening Joseph Devon interview. I favor obviously flawed protagonists, they’re so much more interesting.

    You got hate mail for talking about feminism? That means people are listening, and they care. I’m sticking with my original job suitability assessment. It’s a case-by-case call.

    I’d also choose “complete knowledge” (however that may be defined) of the nature of reality (quantum-related stuff), with the caveat that I be safeguarded against immediately plummeting into soul-ripping existentialist despair.

    • You may be right on that soul-ripping despair. The dissonance we have between what we know and what we choose to acknowledge is staggering. We like to complain about a hard day of work, but are completely ignoring that our biological spaceship is ripping through space at breakneck speeds. That doesn’t even take in the quantum level, which is much stranger and hard to grasp.

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