HEP – 158 – Invisible King Kong vs. Space Godzilla (Forbidden Planet Movie Review)


In this episode, the guys review the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet for the third week of Viewers Choice Month (thanks for changing it up with this one guys). Then they answer viewer questions and try to figure out how King Kong could fight the new Godzilla.

Put it up on your view-plate now!



Star Wars Rebels

Z Nation

The Walking Dead

King Kong vs. Godzilla movie could be in the works

Pacific Rim 2 (Editors note: we had this discussion mere hours before we heard news that the movie had been “delayed indefinitely”.)


The Visit

Green Inferno


10 thoughts on “HEP – 158 – Invisible King Kong vs. Space Godzilla (Forbidden Planet Movie Review)

  1. The 50s sci-fi movies, for the most part, were produced during the 50s revolution and before the 60s revolution, and you see the influence and prefluence of both great cultural shifts. It’s those two eras that we most identify with when we refer to entertainment nostalgia. And now we are seeing science fiction becoming science fact. That is why 50s sci-fi is still a big deal.

    “Anne Francis stars in (ooh ooh ooh) Forbidden Planet” Nice lead-in to next week! 😉

  2. Tony will be delighted to hear that there is another version of this story – called Return to the Forbidden Planet – which uses Shakespeare’s dialogue and is also a musical! It employs rock’n’roll tunes from the 50s or 60s to advance the plot and generally break up the Bard.

    He’ll be even more delighted to learn it’s a stage production and there’s probably no way we can make him watch it.

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