HEP – 157 – A Tale of Two Pitches (Pitch Perfect Movie Review)

Viewers choice month rolls on as the guys are forced to review Pitch Perfect. Does it qualify as a musical? Will Tony throw up? Does he even have a soul or a heart or anything?

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Chatroulette guy sings Wrecking Ball

Patch Town

Killer Mermaid

Al and Tony sing together

“When I’m Gone” (Anna Kendrick Cup Song)

The Fall

Brad Fiedel

Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos

6 thoughts on “HEP – 157 – A Tale of Two Pitches (Pitch Perfect Movie Review)

  1. I did not vote for this movie, however, I did see and enjoy it. Maybe gingers have souls after all. Or at least hearts. Fat Amy ROCKS!

  2. I feel like we made some progress this week with Tony’s hatred of musicals. He hates singing due to childhood trauma. I think a couple more Viewer’s Choice months and we’ll be able to work through it.

    Interesting that Tony doesn’t classify Pitch Perfect as a musical but hates it just the same.

    Cotton candy is the best way to describe this movie but it’s a lot of fun. Glad Al was able to derive some pleasure from it.

    Can’t wait for the RHPS livestream, I may attempt a synchronized viewing.

    I can take no credit for The Forbidden Planet other than I latched onto it when it became the 4th movie ahead of GWAR.

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