GTA 5: Can We Survive Falling from a Helicopter into a Pool? No Parachute Skydiving Challenge

GTA 5 has many pools, and sometimes you can survive falling into water, so we got curious: can you survive falling from a helicopter into a pool? How deep does the pool need to be? How high can the helicopter be? We turned it into a bit of a contest to see who could a. hit the most pools and b. survive the fall. Depth of the pool definitely seems to be a factor, but we also found out that players who haven’t leveled up enough to have the parachute yet (read Hannah) fall differently than players with a parachute on their backs. Even if you never open the parachute, if you HAVE it the game assumes you’re able to steer yourself as you fall, while players without parachutes just kind of flail around as they plummet to the ground. Thanks to Albert’s toddler unplugging his modem when he was supposed to be napping, we ALSO learned that if the player piloting the helicopter is unexpectedly kicked from the session, the other players in the helicopter will be forced out, and the game will spawn an NPC to pilot the helicopter down to the ground. We also ALSO learned that Hannah things shooting people in the butt is like the funniest thing. Ever. Whodathunkit.

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