HOW DO YOU FIND A BUS IN GTA 5!? Reenacting the Movie Speed (aka The Bus that Couldn’t Slow Down)

GTA 5 (allegedly) has buses. And so we thought, remember that Speed movie with Sandra Bullock where she was on a cruise ship, and that other one with Keanu Reeves where he was on a bus that couldn’t go below 55 miles an hour? What if we did that, except in GTA 5? So that was all great and all, and we did it a few times, except when we were done blowing up the first couple buses we couldn’t find any more. We looked for, like, an HOUR. No buses. Not. One. So we made up some Speed sequels. Like Speed 4: The Box Truck Full of Illegal Immigrants that Couldn’t Slow Down and Speed 7: The Vengeful Gay Trucker Who Couldn’t Slow Down (Starring Chuck Norris). Albert got all excited about seeing a semi truck pulling a trailer which is maybe an even more rare occurrence than a bus.

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