Factorio .17 Let’s Play with Joe and Al Part 13: TRAINing Day

TRAINS! …are kinda confusing in this game aren’t they? Like you want them to go somewhere when they’re done unloading, but they don’t want to go there, and you’re like Please? and they’re like, No, go move some stuff around.
Anyway, I don’t know if anyone is still reading, but I’ve been watching Riverdale lately, and man is that show crazy. There’s a book where these football players lie about having sex with these girls, and then they also lie and say the book doesn’t exist, and the girls are mad about these guys pretending they had sex with them for some reason. So they try to boil them alive and glaze them with maple syrup. Naturally the boys get in trouble for being nearly boiled alive and pretending not to be virgins. The one boy who’s actually banging his teacher doesn’t get in trouble though so that seems fair.

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