Extra-Life 2015 Wrap Up

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We gamed. We gave. We raised 600 dollars for Children’s Miracle Network.

Extra-Life 2015 was a rousing success. When we committed to doing this we wanted a realistic goal, something we could actually hit and still feel good about. We set the bar at $200. It took two days for us to blast past that and raise the goal. When the stream started we wanted $400, but the generosity of our friends and HEPsters proved too powerful for such a small number and you all decided triple our original goal.

600 frickin’ dollars. You people are amazing.

This event was something else. It tested the limits of my broadcasting abilities, meager as they may be. I’m sure my babbling at 4 AM was hilarious but for all of the wrong reasons. We fought through fatigue to get achievements and to try new things in games we had never played before. We learned new rules for chess games and chased down the cheese.

2015-11-07_19.02.46More than all of this, our amazing fans and community members stuck with us. For 24 hours we had friends encouraging us through chat. New and old friends joined in to help us build The Kick-Ass Building for Sick Kids Where Everything is Awesome. We laid down some dirt, shot a lot of dinosaurs, and had a ton of fun.
We even had a crack group of killers get on to slay the Ender Dragon, a feat that I had never accomplished in my many years of Minecraft. Our server is now devoid of black dragons, though I’m not entirely sure what the dragon did to draw our flaming arrows.

Thank you all for making Extra-Life a major success. Thank you for your time, your friendship, and for your generous contributions. The Children’s Miracle Network will put this money to good use saving lives and treating children. We’ll try this again next year and see what we can raise.


Tony Southcotte hails from the Rocky Mountains somewhere around the state of Colorado. Possibly raised by grizzly bears, this gritty denizen of the arena now spends most of his time grappling with Java updates and dysfunctional RAM. With not much fiction under his belt, it might seem tempting to bet against Mister Southcotte, but an impressive knowledge of everything from PVC pipe to psychedelic drugs makes Tony a storehouse of fiction waiting to hit the paper. Plus, you know, there’s the possibility of him ripping you apart like a grizzly bear.

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