Dwarf Fortress Star Wars Mod Adventure Mode: Junk Jedi

Dwarf Fortress is great not only because it’s a detailed simulation of an incredibly in-depth world, but ALSO because it’s relatively easy to mod so that new races and characters are available to play with a whole host of characteristics. And yes, that DOES mean someone has added Star Wars races and characters into the game. Yes that includes playable gungans and battle droids, and a whole host of Extended Universe stuff you might never have heard of! You can even play as Jawa’s in Fortress Mode, but we haven’t tried that yet. This is us dipping our toes in the water and playing a Jedi. Jedis are supposed to have lightsabers, right? If you want to get the mod for yourself go here download the files and follow the directions: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=158469.0

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