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forbidden_planet_quadIt’s pretty safe to say that robots are a staple of science fiction. Robbie the Robot, R2-D2, Ben Stein, TARS, and so many more have endeared themselves to us over the years. In our most recent review, we were introduced to Robbie the Robot, a very peculiar character who would end up starring in a myriad of films.

Forbidden PlanetĀ got us thinking about all of the other incredible robots we’ve seen in movies. It’s strange how compelling the idea of rational, intelligent automatons can be. It doesn’t matter if they are evil, like the majority of terminators or kind likeĀ Data and Wall-E, their influence on cinema cannot be ignored.

Tell us your favorite robot in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Discussion: Your Favorite Robot

  1. Unfortunately the Star Wars robots have been sort of messed up by the prequels. I don’t know how to think about them anymore since apparently R2 can fly and is some sort of super-spy.

    I think I have to go with the T-1000. That morphing motorcycle cop absolutely blew my mind more than any other special effect, action movie character, bad guy, etc, ever has. The absolute perfect movie robot appearing at my perfect movie going age as a teenager.

    Hands down, the silver blob.

    Okay, so TECHNICALLY his name was Cherno Alpha, and the Jaegers from Pacific Rim PROBABLY weren’t what you were going for here, but that guy was so cool and they didn’t even let do anything! (Actually that’s a problem of a lot of the movie; it throws so much cool stuff at you that you don’t really have time to appreciate it.) I love how he looks like a giant walking nuclear reactor and the pilots inside had BY FAR the coolest look. Such a dumb fun movie.

  3. I think, when it comes down to it what I look for in a robot is superior firepower and an intimidating presence, coupled with being inately inferior to bipeds.

    Daleks aren’t robots, so that leaves me with ED-209 from the original Robocop. Do you agree? You have 20 seconds to comply…

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