Discussion: Year’s End

20162015 has been an incredible year for all of us at Human Echoes. We turned pro, made an LLC, crowned a champion in the arena, and continued to pump out content like never before. It was the best of times, it was the busiest of times.

What we want to know is this: how did 2015 treat you? Did you beat this year into submission? Or did you get knocked around a bit? What changed in your life, and what are you hoping to change next year? Tell us about your resolutions, hopes, and goals. Hit up the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Discussion: Year’s End

  1. 2015 was crazy for me. I met one of the biggest goals in my life, and that was to quit my job and run my own business. I’ve been giving that opportunity and it will take a lot of work to keep it. I wrote a ton of stories but no books, and we kept our streak of not missing a podcast rolling hard. More than 170 Fridays and counting!

    I also got to meet Al, talk with all of the awesome regulars that come here, give money to charity through Extra Life, and so much more. Was a strong year, other than the whole being partially blind for a few months.

    My main goals are focused on growing this site, the podcast, and my personal health.

    I want to be 200 pounds by this time next year. I want to be getting 10,000 downloads per episode minimum, and also to have some writing done. Resolutions and goals are so hard, trying to change the habits at the root.

  2. 2015 was pretty terrible for me. At the beginning of the year I was SO GOOD at stacking boxes on top of each other. My pallets never fell and I was in the top three fastest freight unloaders on the Walmart back room crew. Now the year is coming to a close, I’ve forgotten most of those skills and I sit around the house looking at my computer all day long. /s

    In 2016 I hope to do more and better reading and writing, both of which fell a bit by the wayside in 2015. Also, I want to be sure I’m focusing properly on my family and maybe spending less time piddling about on Reddit.

  3. 2015 was…

    – it looked like I was going to be out of work when the company I work for decided to try laying me off for the third year running. I dodged that bullet by switching career track and moving from IT to education.
    – it looked like I was getting worse and worse at people and retreating from the world in general, but instead I’ve met a lot of cool folks. Some of them are online and connected to Human Echoes and the Arena, some are out in the three dimensional world. I’m more, not less, connected to people. Puzzling, but good.
    – it looked like I wasn’t going to write very much. I was completely wrong about that.
    – I saw some great movies, watched some great TV, saw some theatre, listened to a bunch of new and interesting music.
    …2015 was a good year.

    2016 will be different, but likely as good. There will certainly be more writing. I have a couple of ideas which I want to work on, one of which might turn out to be a book. I want to work out how to make my assorted creative talents pay. I want to get to know my friends a little better. I want to be healthier. I will, by the end of the year, be a better qualified tutor and be working towards an actual teaching qualification so I will be in a financial position to do what I want with my free time. I want to put faces to names.

  4. Congratulations (again) on quitting your now ex-day jobs. Though in Al’s case, I think it was a night job. I could be wrong.

    This year I mercifully figured out what I needed to do to get rid of my pain. Still no official diagnosis from my doctors, just many thousands of dollars of medical bills. But reducing my oxalate intake is like the difference between night and day. I still have to take iron 3X a day, but that’s completely doable. My goal for 2016 is the same goal I’ve had for each new year since 2010. Publish a novel. We shall see!

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