Discussion: Who Would Win in a Fight?

boxing-ring-149840_640During our Extra-Life marathon, Kevin of the Comic Book Noobs decided he would give us some discussion topics. He opted to propose fights from every genre that you could think of: politicians, comic book characters, movie stars, and so any more were placed into our proverbial arena. This was wonderful and helped to break up some of the quiet moments that happen when you try to talk for 24 hours.

Today’s discussion is similar. We want you to propose a fight. People will then hop in and determine who would be the winner and why. Hit up the comments below and less get this rumble rolling!

29 thoughts on “Discussion: Who Would Win in a Fight?

  1. Looks like I’ll be kicking this off. This is a fight that has been brewing since the 80s. It’s a one sided rivalry that is unfounded and I feel that the relationship between these siblings needs to be mended through a good old backyard brawl.

    Mario vs. Luigi

    Who do you have?

    • That Luigi is tall and wiry. Mario needs to stop hitting the spaghetti so hard. How does he even stay so fat with all the cardio he gets?

    • This ain’t a race. Mario has weight on Luigi. Reach doesn’t mean anything once it goes to ground. Mario wins by submission.

      • Mario is built like a bulldog too. If he used the ropes to enforce his will he could definitely take it. He just has to make sure Luigi doesn’t catch him chasing in the center of the ring.

    • I have to pick Mario. Luigi may have reach, but Mario is a tougher target to hit with Fireballs, plus there has to be a reason he’s player one. Also, I’ve seen enough mafia movies to know you can’t count out a short, fat Italian guy just because he’s short and fat. Nicky Santoro anyone?

    • Squirrel girl has a tail and talks to rodents? I’m not even sure.

      Deadpool is a mercenary assassin with regenerative healing powers and an arsenal that puts Rambo to shame?

      Let me think about it. No, wait, Deadpool is eating squirrel stew tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

      Unless of course you mean Deadpool who works in Vegas at a blackjack table maybe? Squirrel girl can take him.

      To sum up:
      Deadpool<<<Squirrel Girl<<<Stan Lee<<<Deadpool

      • Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green is unbeatable. That’s why they call her the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. She once beat Dr. Doom. Deadpool usually wins by annoying his opponents until they lose focus, but that absolutely would not work against the quirky Squirrel Girl. In fact, it would probably backfire. Squirrel Girl wins.

    • Squirrel Girl has beaten Doom, has taken down Thanos…

      …but Deadpool has killed the entire Marvel universe, so…

      …on the basis of sheer off-panel badassery, I’m going to go with Squirrel Girl. I honestly don’t think Deadpool stands a chance against someone who could, on their own, take out Doom. And it was actually Doom, as confirmed by Uatu the Watcher, and not a Doombot or clone or something.

      • …but Deadpool has killed the entire Marvel universe. Everyone. Doesn’t that mean he already won? (I don’t think SG was in the Marvel Universe then but still)

        • Actually, after doing a bit of research, I found out that this fight has already happened, and Squirrel Girl beat Deadpool. I choose to believe she was out to lunch when Deadpool destroyed the universe.

  2. I’ve been giving my pairing some thought and to me, the best pairings to think about are those that could never happen. So I present to you:

    ***The Billionaire Brawl***
    “Batman” Bruce Wayne vs. Tony “Iron Man” Stark.


      • Batman wins because he is able to pull out a narratively convenient device out of his utility belt that is able to defeat Stark’s technology. He then says “I’m Batman” in a super scary voice.

      • The answer *is* always Batman, but here’s why.

        Strip them of all their toys and Bruce Wayne beats the tar out of Tony Stark, because Bruce actually learned to fight.

        But that’s hardly entertaining. I’d suggest making things interesting: give them a scrapyard challenge. Drop them in a junkyard with loads of stuff and a bunch of tools, and then…

        *sigh* watch as Bruce kicks Tony’s spine out while Tony is starting up the welder.

    • I’d have to say Arnold from T2. Arnold from T2 was able to defeat a T1000 liquid metal terminator that was far more advanced. Arnold from The Terminator wasn’t even able to defeat a pair of puny humans.

    • Arnold from the Terminator.

      T2 Arnold has to protect John Connor, who has the self preservation instinct of the proverbial lemming. T1 Arnold just has to destroy. Look at the body count he racked up in the original movie. He’s a reaper of men.

  3. I have a few that I want to ask about:

    The USS Enterprise (under Captain James T. Kirk) vs an Imperial Star Destroyer

    A pair of Borg Cubes vs the Death Star

    Darth Vader vs Neo, both with full power sets.

    Michonne vs Cpt. Jack Sparrow

    • Enterprise. More nimble.

      Borg cubes. Death star got beat by a boy in a biplane.

      Vader. He lost all of limbs and still kicked ass, Neo got blinded and was helpless.

      Jack Sparrow. He always comes out on top. One musket ball is enough.

    • Enterprise vs Star Destroyer: You specified it was the Enterprise under Kirk, and anything commanded by James T. Kirk beats anything else. The Star Destroyer doesn’t stand a chance because Kirk has the power of narrative. He’s always going to be the good guy, and if he hasn’t turned the situation around and made the Imperials ashamed of their English accents and sad not to be part of the Federation, he’ll have punched them into submission instead,

      Borg Cubes vs the Death Star: The bog question…is Grand Moff Tarkin in charge? If yes, then the Borg lose. If no, then they win. And Tarkin doesn’t even have to change out of his slippers to hand them their backsides.

      Darth Vader vs Neo: I want Darth Vader to win, because Nep was good for maybe two movies in total. John Wick vs Darth Vader, on the other hand, I would give to Wick.

      Michonne vs Jack Sparrow: Well now. That all depends on how you think about winning, savvy? This is a tie, leaving Michonne fond memories of the day she almost beheaded Captain Jack Sparrow.

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