Can You Jump to Orbit with the Jetpack in Kerbal Space Program? We Finally Rescue Jebediah From Ike!

We’re bringing Jebediah home! He’s on the surface of Ike, and our rocket car is a flop, but that’s okay because it turns out he’s had a jetpack this whole time and Ike’s gravity is REAL low. All we have to do is send a rocket to get him. We used the Xenon engine for the first time, and boy is that thing efficient and also SUPER slow. After recording we found out about physics warp which DOES let you go faster in time when you’re boosting. I feel like someone told us about it in the comments many moons ago, and we just never figured out how to actually do it. Our plans going forward involve MOAR SPACE STATIONS hopefully delivered to orbit by some SSTO type space planes. Maybe we’ll let Jebediah fly the plane. He’s level four now, which gives us…nothing really. Oh well.

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