Can You Board a Helicopter with a Motorcycle in GTA V? Recreating the Terminator 2 Motorcycle Jump

In Terminator 2 the T1000 jumps a police motorcycle out of a building and takes over a helicopter. GTA V doesn’t let you turn into liquid metal yet, but we decided we’d try the jump anyway. We did the jump off of several parking garages because apparently most of the parking garages in GTA V have ramps on them. Unfortunately the really tall buildings DON’T have ramps which is just a waste of potential in my opinion. We also learned that cops in GTA have a really difficult time navigating the ramps in the parking garage. If you get three stars they come after you with helicopters and figure out different paths to make it up to the top, but it seems like if you only have one star they just get stuck on the ramp and get themselves increasingly impossibly wedged.

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