Butcher’s Block Episode 3 Review and Recap “All You Ghost Mice” Syfy Channel Zero Horror Anthology

Butcher’s Block got back to freaking me out in a big way this week. The schizophrenia spider thing chasing Alice through the halls of the empty hospital made me want to climb out of my skin. Nick Acosta and the rest of the folks making this series seem to have a good handle on exactly how far to push an image to make it horrifying. They’re willing to show the monsters on screen frequently and still have them be scary without going over the top with them. I’d love to see how they brought the schizophrenia spider thing to life in the special effects department. It looks like a combination of several different types of effects in several different shots. The story here isn’t AS strong as I’d like. So far Officer Mouse is still my favourite character. He isn’t being targeted because he matters to the Peach family like the girls seem to, he’s just the victim of a monster’s whim. Zoe said something to the effect that the universe is just an unending string of random violence, and Officer Mouse surely seems to be living up to that theory.

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