American Vandal | Making a Mark in the Age of Social Media Stardom (SPOILERS)

American Vandal on Netflix is one of the best shows I’ve seen…maybe ever? I binged the whole thing in two days, which maybe had a LITTLE to do with the fact that I was coming off of being sick, but also had a LOT to do with how great it was. I think it’s a beautiful comedy, a compelling mystery, and a heartbreaking tragedy all at once, and its exploration of the complex nature of human behavior got me thinking. These are just a few of my thoughts about the show, and my theory about who did the dicks. I can’t prove it, but I think my reasoning is sound. Although, maybe, in the end, who you end up thinking did it is more of a Rorshach test for you as a viewer than anything that could ever be based on the evidence shown. There are so many things we can never know in real life; people are more complicated and unpredictable than we imagine. And we do them and ourselves a disservice when we reduce them to the simplicity of caricature.

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