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Human Echoes: Books, Movies, Games

We are Tony Southcotte, Albert Berg, and Joseph Devon. We produce podcasts, let’s plays, blogs, and other miscellany.

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The Human Echoes Podcast: Al and Tony review a movie every week and discuss happenings the worlds of movie news, penis enlargement, and Godzilla attacks. Available in audio or video format.

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  • Tuesday – Joe and Tony tackle a new game each week from 6 to 8 Eastern time, sometimes with catastrophic results, but always with hilarity.
  • Thursday – The guys alternate weekly between Minecraft and The Sims from 6 to 9 Eastern time in a collaborative world that they hand off one to the other.

Bonus Podcast: A little something extra for our members. It’s hilarious and our favorite product ever and it’s amazing and it’s onnnnnnlllly for members. Although you can get a sneak peek here.



Albert Berg: Albert lives in Florida where the humidity has driven him halfway to madness, and his children have finished the job. He enjoys posing as a lumberjack and writing kaiju erotica (but not at the same time). He is the author of The Mulch Pile and A Prairie Home Apocalypse or: What the Dog Saw.

Tony Southcotte: Tony hails from the Rocky Mountains somewhere around the state of Colorado. Possibly raised by grizzly bears, he now spends most of his time grappling with Java updates and dysfunctional RAM.

Joseph Devon: As the eldest member of the arena’s cadre, Joseph is sarcastic, caustic, abrasive, and yet a surprisingly good cook. He also sometimes remembers where he put his dentures. Joseph is the author of the first two books of the Matthew and Epp trilogy, Probability Angels and Persistent Illusions and is hard at work on the third.