HEP – 117 – Sick on the Ceiling

In this episode the guys talk about a Christmas movie without a single gremlin in it, inappropriately titled Gremlins. Tony spins conspiracy theories about Bill Hicks and Alex Jones until he’s sick. Albert is excited about Star Wars (among other things. Many many other things.) Download this episode before the gremlins delete it! Links to…


HEP – 116 – Bagger 288 vs Aliens

In this episode the guys review the scifi epic from Thomas A. Mays Sword into Darkness. They also talk about giant mining equipment and terrifying dollar store toys. Download it now! Links: Bagger 288 music video Stand by Me Penny Arcade podcast Uru Evil stick


Into the Corn: The Locked Room

[This post is part series I’ve been doing following the writing of a script for a movie about a family that gets lost in a strange corn maze. I pitched the original concept for the script in this video log.] I love plays. I don’t get to attend them that often really, but there’s something about…


HEP – 115 – Bat-Baby: The Motion Picture

In this episode, the guys discuss the absurdest Kafkaesque comedy from Richard Ayoade The Double. Then they troll through the worst movies on Netflix and find what might be the best thing ever. Also, Bat-Baby. Just…Bat-Baby. Download! Links: Universalis Let’s Play Mortem Post’s awesome shirts that you can (and should) buy Karate-Robo Zaborgar (I watched…