HEP – 100 – Digging Deeper

In this the 100th episode of the Human Echoes Podcast, the guys are joined by Danny Brophy to discuss Dredd (and Guardians of the Galaxy.) Al and Danny geek out about Doctor Who and Sherlock, while Tony tries to teach Danny how to be a man. Also, Al is forced to defend his love of…


HEP – 99 – Beginner’s Bondage for Space Lizards

In this episode the guys talk about the trippy, Oscar-bait, heartwarming film that no one has heard of, Adaptation. Tony talks about going to a bondage class; Albert talks about various lizards FROM SPACE. Download Links: Russian lizard sex satellite out of control SpaceGodzilla The World’s End and alcoholism

the devil's backbone

HEP – 98 – “I’m Going to Need You to Drop a Beat” -Adolph Hitler

In this episode the Whitest Rapper Ever and the Inhuman Beatbox review Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece of horror, The Devil’s Backbone. Al talks about internet myths and weird fairy tales, and Tony…well…yeeaahh. “Download this episode.” -Oscar Wilde Links: Adolf Hitler quotes attributed to Taylor Swift (and vice versa) “Foil” (Weird Al parody) “Royals” as sung…


George the Hero: A Look at the Greatness of Geroge Carlin

There’s a lot of things you never see. And you know you don’t see them ’cause you don’t see them. You’ve got to see something first to know you never saw it, then you see it and say “hey, I never saw that.” Too late; you just saw it. – George Carlin It is nearly…

tale of frida

HEP – 97 – A Vote for Sauron is a Vote for Women

In this episode the guys sit down with author/editor extraordinaire Ellie Anne about writing, comics, and The Tale of Frida. They discuss the importance of female characters and mistakes that plague beginning writers. Download it now! Links: Marvel announces a new female Thor NPR highlight of Ann Cleeves glosses over 20 years of work that led…