Discussion: Your Favorite Conspiracy Theory

Put on your tin foil hats and find your shadiest online sources, it’s time to talk about your favorite conspiracy theories. On this week’s show we discussed dollar bills that predicted the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11. These origami geniuses have found a way to turn our currency into the stuff of prophecy. This…


HEP – 122 – Plug Nickle Prophets

In this episode the guys join the cult of Ti West as they talk about his found-footage horror film The Sacrament. Then Albert talks about ten years at Walmart and complains about crazy people on Facebook. Download Links: When Graveyards Yawn by G. Wells Taylor Hardcore History Armageddon Online currency conspiracy

Breakfast of Champions

Discuss: Bacon Man vs. The Caffeine Crusader

On this week’s show we discussed a superhero pairing of the breakfast variety. Geec asked us this: If they assumed humanoid forms with super powers, who would win in a fight: coffee or bacon? This led us into one of our notorious tangents on Episode 121, but we want to know what you think. Who would win, the Caffeine…

ragnarok movie

HEP – 121 – Bacon Man vs. The Caffeine Crusader

In this episode the guys meet a monster from Norse mythology as they review Ragnarok. Then the guys discuss the highs and lows of Christmas, and argue over which would make a better super-hero: coffee or bacon? Download it now! Links: Phase IV Ants vs elephants Viking chess let’s play Four armed yeti Hardcore History (podcast)…

oculus wide

HEP – 120 – Edible Light Bulbs and Proper Chokes

This week Al and Tony stare into a magic mirror with Oculus. Then, they talk about pilgrimages, mess with microphones, After that, Al becomes a bad movie choreography apologist, Tony loses his mind over chokes, and is validated by Joe Rogan himself. Download it! Links: Oculus Movie Continental Divide Camino De Santiago Charlie Hunnam Accent…