How to Complain About Movies

I love movies. Probably more than I should actually. I love dumb movies, crazy movies, some movies that are flat-out bad (I’m that guy you may have heard of who actually enjoys some of the films from The Asylum like Nazis at the Center of the Earth or Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies). It follows then,…


HEP – 101 – This is the Pits

In this episode the guys review Constantine, a perfectly serviceable film that was sadly ruined by a humanoid block of wood posing as an actor. Also, Tony doesn’t have a clue about Lazarus Pits and Albert blows out his voice screaming about it. Download it now! (if your eardrums can take it) Links: Lazarus Pit Top…


HEP – 100 – Digging Deeper

In this the 100th episode of the Human Echoes Podcast, the guys are joined by Danny Brophy to discuss Dredd (and Guardians of the Galaxy.) Al and Danny geek out about Doctor Who and Sherlock, while Tony tries to teach Danny how to be a man. Also, Al is forced to defend his love of…


HEP – 99 – Beginner’s Bondage for Space Lizards

In this episode the guys talk about the trippy, Oscar-bait, heartwarming film that no one has heard of, Adaptation. Tony talks about going to a bondage class; Albert talks about various lizards FROM SPACE. Download Links: Russian lizard sex satellite out of control SpaceGodzilla The World’s End and alcoholism