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HEP – 104 – Moving Back to Hieroglyphs

This week Joseph Devon and Tony breakdown the cult classic The Fifth Element. They discuss Sanskrit, fantasy football, molly, lizard people, and much more. Download it! Links: Jon Woo Directed Game Salute Your Shorts Sports Betting is Legal In… The Day Star Viewers Choice Month    

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Listener’s Choice Month

Greetings friends, podcast listeners, and strange moon-lizard people. For almost two years now you have suffered under the whip of Al and Tony’s bizarre movie choices. Now it is your time to rise up and free yourselves from their tyranny! Yes, dear listener, we want your help. We want you to pick movies for the 5 Fridays in October. Here are…


In Defense of Ang Lee’s Hulk

  I don’t know how I got to be the hipster contrarian on this blog. I mean, okay, I do know. It’s because I keep writing hipster contrarian blog posts. But it’s not stuff I’m just making up to be incendiary. I actually feel this way. I guess I’m saying all this so you’ll know…


HEP – 103 – Becoming the Monster

On this week’s show, Al leaves Tony and Danny to their own devices. They review Leviathan (1989), talk about mountains of James Cameron movies, They take your questions about raptors, and Tony bums everyone out talking about his spine. Download it! Links: Ripley is a Mom Leviathan You Know What Dude? Podcast Ankylosing Spondylitis Stygimoloch…